Well Wishes




I have been married for 36 years to the very SAME person who asked me to a Christmas dance when we were Freshmen in High School…
We got married when we were 19!
I wish you 2 much joy & happiness in the future. And can’t wait to follow! And how can I get tears over a “comic strip wedding” ? That’s a great compliment to the writer & illustrator!
(Have to say thIs…..there were so many other better wedding gowns you should have chosen… Especially the one with the flames at the bottom. It would have been cool because you & Brad just fought that wildfire. This gown is too common for you Toni Daytona! It is beautiful but common & boring!!!!!…..something you are NOT!)
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! ????????????

Jean Schneider

Congrats. Happy for you

susan turell

We have enjoyed watching your journey to love and marriage. Our hope and wish is for you to be as happy as we have been for the past 26 years. May you never forget your what brought you together. Make all your wishes come true and don’t sweat the small stuff. Congratulations!

joan krueckeberg

many happy years together and hoping the niece Shannon doesn’t come live with you………

Judye Caswell

Congratulations on your big day. May you always be as much in love as on your wedding day.


to the handsome groom and beautiful bride, may the rest of your lives be one happy ride. Memories to treasure, love beyond measure find absolute pleasure in your marriage together!! Brad and Toni, all the best to you xxoo

marilyn barton

that the comic stip continues with the characters having kids while working

Jerry E.

Congrats and happy wishes!


Congratulations. Keep those home fires burning while you’re putting out those devastating disastrous conflagrations.


Many many years of joy together!

Queen of Plastic

Woo Hoo! Congratulations! Toni your dress is as beautiful as you are.

Tamara Helbing

Wishing you guys many years of fun and happy endings!

Jennifer Pham

Best of Luck. You make a very beautiful couple.

Rita C.

Toni & Brad,
Your relationship blossomed from friendship into love. Always remember how it began, remain best friends, and your love will grow deeper each day.
Wishing you both a long and beautiful life together!


I’ve loved following their love story!! Their first dance should be “Baby, cmon light my fire!!” Or “Burning love!” Well done Mr.Evans!!

Lynn Thomason

You two are adorable and perfect for each other! Would not miss your wedding for anything.
May you have a long, happy, and fun life!

Russell Cinque, Jr.

I am so glad this is finally happening! I wish you the best always, and may you have many years of happiness together.

Tricia M. Gerbino

Wishing you tons of happiness and blessings for the both of you. So happy you found each other

Mickie Rhoades

Brad & Toni, here’s wishing you both many years of happiness and love!!! Remember, marriage is a combined effort. Have patience and forgivenesswith each other. Your both are wonderful!!



Mrs. Bobbi Wells

That their love will get them through the day to day part of life, and feel fulfilled in their dedicated work, and perhaps Shannon will also have a sibling (but–of course!). As in “For Better of for Worse”, it has been incredible to see that family grow and change, and that we could become so involved in the newspaper. This is something to look forward to each morning with my coffee. Best wishes to our newest couple!!

Granny Smith

No matter what the argument/fight was about, always try to be the first to apologize – even if the only thing you’re sorry for is the fact that you had a fight. It helps to calm tempers and makes rational discussion easier. – from my Great-Grandmother to me in 1980, and now from this Granny to you!

Ron Orndorff

May you two have many happy years together. Now it’s Luann’s turn!!

James Kauhi

Congratulations to the Newly weds, best story line been following for awhile HAPPY TRAILS KIDS from HAWAII ALOHA


Two people who seemed to be opposites end up together to live out their dream. Life has its way of making things happen!




May you always remember why you did this in the first place.

Jimmy v

May you both be blessed with love and adventures.Watch over each other.

Liz Quigley

Best wishes for a happily ever after!


Best wishes to Toni and Brad for a long and happy life together!

Marlene Cassell

Your forever journey has a new and glorious chapter to it with many other chapters of life to follow. I wish you the best. And, don’t sweat the small stuff. Together you can and will be strong to handle life’s challenges. P.S. Thank you for being firefighters.

Ruben Macias

Have a splendid life together you were meant to be together.

Joyce Sykes

Many years of happiness and joy

Mr. and Mrs. Chad D. Templeman

My wife and I wish you congratulations and best wishes to a day you will remember for the rest of your lives. May your lives be filled with happiness and may successes fill your lives with joy.

Joann Owsik

Happy Wedding Day
Toni & Brad you are the only comic i read. ….

Gary Hayden

I pray your marriage and love for each other is always as fresh and exciting as it is from the beginning. And may it last forever and bring you as much joy as this strip has brought me for so many years.


Hold hands, often.
Make love, often.
Kiss, often.
Say, “I love you”, often.
Apologize, often.
Pray together, often.
Look out for each other, always.


May you have many years on the same pillow!

diane rice

Marriages are made in Heaven…so it thunder & lighting!! Wishing you happiness and many years with us!

Rick B

My you both have a long & happy life & career together

RoAnne Smokler-Costin

It’s been a long, wonderful journey to this loving place. May you both reside happily here for all eternity. ????

David Jackson

Brad & Toni. May you both have a wonderful/joyous marriage. Glad you two found each other. As you embark on a new life. Remember that you two will do this together. May you have a wonderful life together.

Jody Piety

I wish them many years of wedded bliss!

Kandy Halulko

Looking forward to your wedding. Best of luck.

Sharon-An B. Athey

I wish and hope for both of you, Brad and Toni, many happy and exciting days, months, years, and decades ahead for both of you as you join together as one!!And, may all of your dreams come true!!