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New to LUANN?  Welcome!  Created by Greg Evans in 1985 and now co-created by Greg and his daughter, Karen, LUANN is a bit like a sitcom trapped in a comic strip's body: lots of characters with interesting storylines and, of course, some good laughs along the way.  Centered around LUANN DEGROOT, a 19 year old college student who is perpetually trying to figure herself out, the LUANNiverse has a big cast and an even bigger fan base.  We are glad to have you here!

~Greg and Karen


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Greg and his daughter, Karen, post featured collections of strips and email a newsletter with insider info to Luann Fans about once a month or so.  Check out this month's Featured Collection: Shannon Visits and sign up for LUANN FAN emails to know when new material goes live.  Enjoy!


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