Well Wishes




I hope you two will overcome all the obstacles that come with a new marriage and treat each other with love and kindness.

Rosalind Young

Best wishes for a long and happy marriage. We’re looking forward to seeing you grow together as you move forward.

Huston Worthey

Been a fan of Luann, and watched Brad go from a typical bored high school teen to a responsible firefighter and beau to Toni. Good luck to the newlyweds.


Here’s my recommendation. Continue with life-long education, hold off on children until several years of marriage, and always keep one another uppermost in your lifestyle.

Merry Reisch

I hope that your marriage is as happy as I am when following your story.

Michelle Tapia

I have been rooting for Brad and Toni since she was first introduced. Good to see that I was rooting for the right team. Congrats!

Dave W


Kathy Wiberg

Congrats to the happy couple. I wish you all the best. I am so glad for you Brad that you and Toni will be so happy.

Lorraine S Shinder

Wishing you a lifetime of enduring love, endless happiness and joy! I have been following you two for years and am so happy that you have finally gotten married.It’s inspiring to see how your love has grown so strong over the years. You two have an unbreakable bond that will keep your marriage strong throughout the years. Wishing you the very best of everything. I hope to see children in your future!

Stephenie Thomas

Dear Toni,
I burst into tears when I first saw you in your wedding dress. And, even now, days later, my eyes are moist with joy! This has been a long time coming! BTW, I wouldn’t want Brad to know this, but I am especially pleased that the Evans family chose to sit on your side of the aisle!

Dear Brad,
You have grown into a wonderful young man. It seems that something good, and now official, has come of 9/11! (Take that, terrorists!) Many congratulations! I am so happy for Toni and you.

Dear Brad and Toni,
What a joy it is that you are saying “I Do” 32-years to the day after my husband Mark and I became engaged!

We have given $100 to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation in memory of my father-in-law, Los Angeles (City) Fire Department Captain Darrell B. Thomas – and in honor your honor as well. (But it looks like a letter of acknowledgement will only be going to my mother-in-law.)

I wish you both much joy and love – long after LUANN’s own wedding gown will only be a memory!

A loyal fan in Fillmore, CA,
Stephenie Thomas


I am so glad to read your storyline. You are an inspiration to kids all over the world. I am a teacher and I hope I can have as good an effect on kids as your story has. Peace.

Camille Russell

I wish you two the kind of lasting love I share with my hubby! Start your own family soon and keep that snotty brat Shannon away from your life from this day forth!
Wish Toni’s brother would grow up into a responsible parent and stop dumping that obnoxious kid of his on the newlyweds.

Barbara Glaeser and Family of Fans

First, thank you for your service as firemen and women! Second, I wish you both a wonderful life together. I wish that my son will find such a perfect match someday. Finally please share more stories about you with your fans (Ask Greg-he’s in the audience at your wedding).

Sue Mc

Much happiness and may you hear the putter patter of little feet!

Brian Williams

I’ve been following your saga for years and I couldn’t be more happy for you the two of you! Congratulations!


As you prepare embark new life together I have read your saga brad one lucky dude found a soulmate he really loves and protect her is Toni and has found her equal and soulmate named Brad My best to the happy couple


Brad, Toni,
Your selflessness that you’ve shown before your scheduled date to be legally-married is a beautiful example for every young person in the world who reads the newspaper, or receives the Luann comic on their device! Philip had done a beautiful job of designing Toni’s dress, and I LOVED being able to VOTE for my favorites!!!
The future looks bright for them. It’s supported by family and not based on money or privilege. I adore you both! Your support system is completely ready to help you both, for anything you encounter.

Betty Dix

Best wishes! You are a cute couple and good luck in your future together!

Mary Barnes

I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.

Ken Anderson

My wish is for long lives and abundant happiness to you both. Mazel Tov!

Janet Smith

Respect each other in every phase of your marriage. There is no problem you can’t work out together. Most of all, keep your focus on the One who made you and brought you together. Best wishes for many happy years together!


Best Wishes for happy years together. Always remember to communicate with each other.

Marni Ockene

You two truly bring out the best in each other. What a beautiful story. Best wishes to both of you!

Paul T.

God Bless you two. Brad remember these two words, “Yes Dear.”Toni, remember that it’s okay to make Brad feel like he’s right sometimes, even if he’s wrong.What kind of cake did you get?

Marie Ebersole

My wish for you, many joys and few sorrows.
Many years and few arguments…

Gena Dadson

Have a beautiful life together of shared joy and love. Grow in experience and spirit and share your happiness with the world.

Barbara Herbach

Best Wishes on your wedding and many happy years to come. You two will have your ups and downs, but there will be more ups then downs. Enjoy your married life.

Joan Haynie

Here’s wishing Toni and Brad the best of everything in their lives together.


Best wishes for a happy life together.

Shelly Brown

God’s blessings as you begin this journey! Remember to always communicate with each other!

Pamela Conley

Always remember to tell each other that you love them before going to sleep. Be each others best friend. Always ask every day what you can do for the other person to make their day better.


I wish you congratulations and best wishes to a day you will remember for the rest of your lives. May your lives be filled with happiness and may successes fill your lives with joy. Don’t forget to tell each other that you love them everyday.

Terri Doria

All the best

Carol Junr

God bless you with many happy years together.

Betsy Leff

We wish you much love, joy and happiness as you begin your life together.


Congrats Brad and Toni!! May you have a perfect happily ever after!!!


May Toni and Brad have many wonderful years together and some great adventures ahead of them. 😉


Wishing you both happiness in your journey together

Peggy T

We have loved watching you grow up and together. We look forward to traveling with you into your future. Best Wishes always.

Ann M.

I wish for you two the kind of love that has substained me and my hubby of 34 years. The secret to a long and happy marriage is falling in love with the same person over and over!

Jennifer Bouchard

Wishing you many years of love and happiness!

Bek Lee

Lots more great comic strips!



Ro Scarpelli

Congratulations to the cutest couple ever!!

Carl Fields

Best wishes for a long future together. I began following their saga in a California newspaper in the early 2000s, while on an extended work assignment in the East Bay area (near Oakland — don’t recall the name of the paper). Since then, have had to follow via Go Comics (or whatever it’s called now, as neither of the papers I subscribe to near my permanent home — Aiken (SC) Standard or Augusta (GA) Chronicle) carry it). Thanks for all the enjoyment this strip has brought to me.