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Featured Collection:

Serious Mysterious Piro

part 9

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The roller-coaster story of Piro weaves through so many highs and lows and criss crosses so many other story arcs we had to break it into parts.  Enjoy the ride!

  1. part 1
  2. part 2
  3. part 3
  4. part 4
  5. part 5
  6. part 6
  7. part 7
  8. part 8
  9. part 9

College: a petri dish of new people and new experiences.  Several new characters joined the scene when the core cast of LUANN characters graduated high school.  Luann started classes at the community college and met characters like Jack, Nil, Tara, and Professor Zebo.  Over at the Mooney University dorms, Bernice meets Dez, Hair, Viper, Sun, and the serious mysterious Piro.

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