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The Horrible Haircut: full novel edition


Luann probably isn't ready to start writing full blown novels, but Greg tried his hand at it a number of years ago.   Enjoy--and keep in mind this was drafted while the main characters were still 16...

Table of Contents

  1. 99 Cent Special
  2. Luann, Bag Lady
  3. Gimme An F!
  4. Chutzpah?
  5. The Geek
  6. Eighteen Thousand Shoes
  7. Bubble Butt
  8. The Survey Says...
  9. Miniskirts and Bruises
  10. From Geek to Grunge
  11. Tiffany Falls Hard 
  12. Meltdown in the Library 
  13. Wet T-Shirts and Aaron 
  14. The Big Decision
  15. Cold Heart, Cold Feet
  16. The Debut
  17. Jell-o and Hankies
  18. Dusty Cheeto