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Make-Over It

Tiffany has long been obsessed with fashion and how people perceive her.  Sometimes this has been her worst trait, but sometimes it tries to be something good.  Was this makeover storyline with Gunther one of those times?  Travel back to 2002 when the characters were in high school and Gunther was ga-ga for Luann...

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LUANN 2002.03.18
LUANN 2002.03.19
LUANN 2002.03.20
LUANN 2002.03.21
LUANN 2002.03.22
LUANN 2002.03.23
LUANN 2002.03.25
LUANN 2002.03.26
LUANN 2002.03.27
LUANN 2002.04.15
LUANN 2002.04.16
LUANN 2002.04.17
LUANN 2002.04.18
LUANN 2002.04.19
LUANN 2002.04.20
LUANN 2002.05.06
LUANN 2002.05.07
LUANN 2002.05.08
LUANN 2002.05.09
LUANN 2002.05.10
LUANN 2002.05.11
LUANN 2002.05.13
LUANN 2002.05.14
LUANN 2002.05.15
LUANN 2002.05.16
LUANN 2002.05.17
LUANN 2002.05.18

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