Dress By Vasu


Dr. Duvvury applied a background in anthropology to carefully study Toni’s character and personality before submitting these two designs:

The entry number of my dresses:
Dress # 467 and # 468
vasu2My name and the city I live in:
Vasu Duvvury, PhD
Plano, Texas
My motivation to enter the contest; the inspiration for my designs; and a little info about myself:
Luann is one of my favorite comic strips. I am an anthropologist, painter and a photographer and art and design have always been part of my life. I have even taught a course on art and culture or the anthropology of art. This was a cool project because it allowed me to design a dress to suit a character’s personality and needs. Toni always looks stylish, yet likes to keep things simple and hates drama and complications. Her favorite color is blue and she usually wears long sleeve shirts and tops. I thought I should put all of this information into my design and so both my designs are simple, yet elegant white satin dresses with blue belts and one even has long sleeves. I was gratified that I was on the right track when I later read in the comic strip that Toni actually picked as her wedding dress the only dress that she tried on in the store, which according to Luann’s mother was not a very expensive dress!