Dress by Travers


And now for something completely different! In the category “Best Use Of Firefighting Gear” we have this fun, tongue-in-cheek entry from Travers. Want to know what inspired this brazen design that he calls “Firefighter Madonna”? Here’s Travers:
I’m in Austin, Texas and read Luann in the Statesman – right after Zits.My family talks about Luann often, and enjoy it immensely, even if we’re just chastising the character’s decisions.I started sketching out dress ideas because of my love of comics, and to upstage my fashion designer girlfriend. Toni’s pre-wedding freak out was fresh in my mind during the design process; I did not think she wanted a traditional wedding dress. And firefighter equipment quickly became part of the ensemble. Surprisingly, the only admonishment from my girlfriend is: my sketch lacks a zipper.