Dress by Sheri


Sheri’s story here about Greg signing her collection book is true! She has been a long-time LUANN fan and really took her time to consider Toni’s personality when designing a gown.  We kept the image large here so you can read her notes, scroll down to see her story:


My dress number is 262. My name is Sheri Boles and I live in Albertville, Alabama.

I have been a Luann reader for as long as I can remember! I don’t know when I started. I really mulled it over for a while before designing a dress. I decided to combine different elements together for one finished design. Toni is not the kind of person that likes lots of lace and ribbons. I wanted to design something simple. I went with sleeveless so she could show off her tattoo, but it needed something a LITTLE sexy, so I gave the dress a low back. A short train gave it a little bit of a traditional element. As I looked at the drawing, I realized something was missing. It needed some embellishment. But to add rhinestones would have been too “blingy” for Toni. So I came up with the idea of faux pearls as an embellishment. It gave the dress some bling without being flashy. Simple and elegant!

I grew up reading Luann and have several of the old collection books. Last year I dug out the first book “Meet Luann”. I contacted Greg through FB and he said he would sign it for me! I sent it to him and he sent it back a few days later with an inscription. Thanks Greg! I’d like to meet him someday, but I doubt he’ll come to North Alabama and I don’t see myself going to California!

I work as a Case Manager with people who are mentally disabled. It is challenging, but rewarding! My dog, Stormy, acts a lot like Puddles! Especially in yesterday’s strip where he’s mopping up the spill! I can’t wait for Brad and Toni’s wedding!