Dress by Sandra


Sandra felt Toni would look for classy ways to incorporate her passion and dedication as a firefighter into her gown and included notes to explain her design #342:

Thank you for the opportunity to share;
My name is Sandra Carrillo. I live in San Francisco, CA.
Being a dedicated newspaper reader I have really enjoyed watching Luann and Brad grow up.It was wonderful to see Brad and Toni’s relationship grow.Toni is a very down to earth young firefighter who loves her niece and her job. So the dress that I thought she would wear would be something very modest, traditional, but stylish. That would express the love she has for her job and the memory of her parents. That is the reason for the firefighter’s blue in the insert of the pelts. As well as the firefighter’s emblem button covers. To keep with the color scheme her niece and Luann would wear firefighters blue dresses to offset the pelts in her dress.
I work as an admissions counselor for a university and I really enjoy fashion.