Dress by Rachel #2


The act and art of creating something from your imagination into a form to share with others is a wonderful experience that many of our dress designers, like Rachel, really enjoyed:

Hi Luann Team!

Thank you for running the contest! Here is the story of my dress:

rachelMy dress design is #244, my name is Rachel, and I live in Walnut Creek, CA. I wanted to enter the contest because I enjoy the Luann comic strip tremendously, and wanted to contribute. I also really love drawing dresses and faces, so it would be a great chance to draw some. The day I was designing my dress, I happened to have read the Fashion section in the New York Times, my favorite newspaper, and was inspired by a picture in one of the articles. The dress pictured had baggy sleeves, tied at the bottom, allowing a small bit of cloth to flare out. I remembered from the comic that the theme for the wedding was to be blue and white, so I colored it in light blues and grays. The dress itself began to look washed out, so I colored the shoes in a vivid red. Seeing the dress and the model come to life under my hand was an exhilarating and magical experience. Even though my design did not win the contest, it was very fun to design and color.