Dress by Peg


This long-time fan is hopeful that Luann may need a dress designed for her sometime in the future:

Hello, My name is Peg and I live north of Santa Clarita CA.
peg2I have been drawing off and on as long as I could hold a pencil and have an interest in fashion.
I have been following Luann since the early 1990ies and got my husband involved in the stories and characters. We have been hoping Brad would find his dream girl and when he met up with Toni we were rooting for them to get hooked up and make it work.
The contest gave me an opportunity to draw a dress for Toni. Although I had no intention of winning it, it was fun to participate. Being as I am a plus size woman and limited in my own fashion choices Toni is so pretty and fit so I had fun dressing her.
It was also fun to see the many varied entries in the contest too.

peg1Congratulations to the winner.

Perhaps Luann may need a wedding dress in the future, Greg?