Dress by Mike


Designers ranged from doodlers, to professionals, dresses traditional to whimsical or, like this submission, a sent with a bit of humor:

I’m Mike MacDee, Arizona author and cartoonist, and designer of dress #50.I’m not actually a Luann fan, but my mother is, and she told me about the design contest. I thought it’d be a fun, quick break from my regular projects, so I gave it a shot.

mikeThe dress I designed is actually based on a design I used for an undeveloped fantasy project (I can’t remember what inspired it though). I dug up the old design and polished it a little, since it already had a wedding gown vibe.

I’m a published author with two books under his belt (Shadow of the Fox, The Helios Legacy) and a third coming out on Halloween (Infernal Affairs). I’m also the author of the webcomics Daddy’s Girl and The Tourist’s Guide to Hell on Tapastic. I’m hoping to someday have an animated production of at least one of my works. Time will tell I guess.