Dress by Megan


Many designers sought ways to incorporate flames—some boldly and some delicately, as Megan explains about her design #479 :

My name is Megan McQuown. I’m a high school history teacher in Commerce City, CO. I used to teach Special Education. I can’t get through a day without reading the comics and Luann is one of the ones I always read. When I read that you were letting readers submit designs for Toni’s wedding dress I was really excited.
My sister teaches art, my mom paints beautifully. I like to try and design dresses for fun. Doodling most of the time. I wanted to at least try to have a chance at Toni’s dress.My design took several things into mind. Toni is slender and wears clothes that show her off well while not being too showy. The wedding is a late year wedding, so I wanted longer sleeves, but filmy. The outline of the dress shows that it’s not a huge billowy skirt. I didn’t feel that fit Toni’s style. Full but at the bottom. The sleeves and mid chest up would be see through lace, the bodice and skirt would be white silk. A play on her job as a firefighter was flames coming up from the top of the bodice into the see through lace but all in white, and the back edging of the skirt to mimic those flames, but not all the way around. I wanted to pay tribute to the firefighters and stay true to Toni in the process.All my life I’ve wanted to be a teacher, inspire others to do their best, and have fun.