Dress by Marie


This recent newly-wed is a future band teacher and long-time (skilled) doodler who created an intricate and confident look for Toni:

My name is Marie, and I designed Dress #599. I currently live in small-town Iowa.

I have always enjoyed drawing, from doodles on my elementary school work to various competition entries post-college. I entered the contest because I wanted to design a stunning gown for a stunning bride, and because at barely over a year married, I still have wedding fuzzies on occasion.

Toni is a little on the tall side and extremely fit, so finding a silhouette that worked for her was hardly an issue. I wanted something that mariewould emphasize her femininity without being too fussy, so a simple, curve-hugging dress became the base, and I added a small flare at the bottom of the skirt with a barely-noticeable train for more flow. Toni has always had an edge to her, and a person should never feel as if she must cover up who she is to please anyone, especially on her wedding day. With that in mind, the dress could only be a one-shoulder affair, proudly displaying her tattoo on the opposite arm. A glittering flame pattern in small Swarovski crystals and tiny pearls laces up and around the dress. I made this decision partially because she is, of course, a firefighter, but also because Toni’s inner strength and occasional ferocity ought to be celebrated, in my opinion.

Given her low-key preferences, Toni’s makeup and accessories shouldn’t be extreme or overly dramatic. A simple, natural makeup scheme with the minimum of jewelry seemed appropriate – a glittering, chunky white crystal bracelet, simple dangling earrings, and no veil. Toni has lovely hair, so it didn’t seem right to me to yank it all back and away. Why not let it flow free, simply and elegantly? Instead, a large sparkly crystal surrounded by small, delicate white feathers pull a small bit away from one ear. From this descend three ropes of tiny pearls, and on the end of each pearl rope hangs a crystal that matches her earrings. The dress hides her feet, so she can wear whatever sort of shoe she wants – even flats, should the newlyweds need to make a quick getaway.

As far as my personal information goes, I am working on obtaining my teaching license for high school band and hope someday to lead the best marching band in the state. I play bass trombone and do a lot of singing. I enjoy sweet tea, supreme pizza, and Bavarian cream filling in my donuts. It was a joy to design this dress, and I am honored by and grateful to those who voted for me. Thank you so very much, and I wish you all the best!