Dress by Lynn


This design was one of only a few that broke tradition by envisioning Toni choosing something other than a gown for her wedding:


lynnI am a retired school teacher from Denver. The last time I designed a dress was in 1969 in college, when design was still my major. My husband and I have been keeping track of the DeGroots since Luann was a little girl. I was very much influenced by the liberating fashion design of Yves, St Laurent who freed women to wear pants and to cast off girly frills. Toni is not girly or frilly. I can’t imagine her in lace or with bows I chose simple cream tunic with covered buttons. Toni always wears boots, so I chose boots in soft cream leather. My design is 289, and, of course, I think it fits her strong independent personality the best.

A Lynn Buschhoff