Dress by Liana

This incredible creation has an equally incredible backstory: Liana has autism and uses art as therapy. Here’s what she says about her entry…:

My mom motivated me to enter my dress in the contest because I was already designing a cute dress (just for fun because I love fashion and design) before knowing about the contest. My mom said it looked like a fabulous wedding gown, so that’s when I decided to enter it in. Inspiration: My design was inspired by working with recycled paper. I thought up a cute simple dress idea with the recycled paper and then decided it needed to have different details, like adding a heart to it. One of the things about me is that I have autism. Having that is sometimes challenging espcially in social situations. However, having the opportunity to create art and fashion designs is something I do well. I love fashion and art. It makes me happy to do those things on my free time especially when I need a break from work and school. I plan to go to community college and study fashion. One day maybe I’ll become a famous designer! BTW, the design is 3D and teeny tiny (about 6 inches tall and includes a closet with Brad’s jacket, a table, shoes, and designer things!).