Dress by Lauren


Lauren was in Paris during Fashion Week when she was inspired to create this design—ooo la la!

1. The entry number of your dress, your name, and what city you live in.
#175 Lauren Golden, Encinitas,CA

lauren2. What motivated you to enter the contest
I was in Paris, France during Fashion Week when I saw the Luann contest and I thought it would be fun to enter.

3. Tell a bit about the inspiration for your design(s)
I designed and made my dress for my wedding many year ago. I have always loved it’s simple elegance and details and thought it suits the character of Toni.

4. Share a little info about yourself: your aspirations, your occupation, etc.
I have a BFA in fashion design and worked in the field for a few years. I then got a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work and have been in a private practice for many years. I have been a flutist since childhood and played for several years with a guitarist. Today I am in two orchestras. I think music has always been my passion.