Dress by Kristina


At position #15, we find this gown by Kristina. This classic look is from a young woman who plans to be either a great teacher or a fabulous artist.

My name is Kristina Waugh and I live in San Diego. 

I read the comics section of the paper every week, and Luann is one of my favorites. When I saw an opportunity to submit a drawing, I decided to take it. Over the years, I have been fascinated with wedding dresses. I’ve spent a lot of time watching television shows like “Say Yes to the Dress” and giving my own opinion on what works and what doesn’t. I started drawing wedding dresses about five years ago when I started college. A lot of the dresses I create are inspired by the dresses I could see myself wearing when I get married someday in the future. When I saw there was a contest, I pulled out my sketchbook as well as reread the saga to gain a feel for Toni’s style. She doesn’t tend to wear very revealing clothing, so I tried to convey that with all my submissions. I had drawn this specific dress about a year or two ago, and I thought it was the perfect submission choice because it had a classic look. 
Currently, I am in graduate school at San Diego State University pursuing a multiple subjects teaching credential. As far back as Kindergarten (about 18 years ago), I knew that I was either going to be an artist or a teacher when I grew up. As I got older, art became my hobby, and teaching became my passion. I still like to paint and sketch in my free time, whatever that is. In most of my classes I tend to be the person who is labeled as an artist by my cohorts. Whenever there is an artistic element needed to be done, I’m the one they ask, but I don’t mind. Drawing has always been fun to do, and art is a great way to express myself. I know it will always be a huge part of my life even if it isn’t the main portion. Who knows where the road will take me.
 Honestly, I don’t ever tend to think that people will actually like the drawings I do, so this contest was a real confidence booster. Thank you for the opportunity to participate.