Dress by Kari


When your son is a firefighter and your granddaughter recommends a cape because fighting fires is like being a superhero, you come up with a wonderful design like this:

The entry number of my dress was 477. My name is Kari Bryski, and I live in Sacramento, CA.

I was motivated to enter the contest after reading many Luann comics and the story of Toni and Brad to my 7 year old granddaughter, Laynie.
Then we discovered that there was a contest to design Toni’s dress, and Laynie wanted us/me to enter the contest. Laynie thought that it was great that Toni and Brad were firefighters, because her Uncle Chris (my son) is a firefighter. Laynie thought that Toni should have a cape attached to her dress, because “being a firefighter is like being a superhero,” so she has one.

I’ve been sewing and making up patterns since I was twelve, and get great satisfaction out of creating clothes for family and friends to wear. I currently am dedicated to being the best Grandma I can be, and am a Commercial real estate professional as a day job.