Dress by Joanna

This beautiful entry by Joanna (a.k.a. Yuna K.) was a voter fave for several days of the contest. It ended up coming in #3. We asked Joanna to tell us a little bit about her entry.

1. What motivated you to enter the contest?
I thought I would have a chance to win since anime/manga style drawing contests are a lot harder to win.  I also wanted to show the world what I can draw and gain some positive and decent recognition, since drawing is one of my best known hobbies since my very early childhood.  Also, I’ve been reading Luann for 20 years (since I was 12) and it has been the most entertaining comics I have ever enjoyed reading on the newspapers. It became one of my favorite American comics besides Garfield, Foxtrot and For Better or For Worse.

2. Tell a bit about the inspiration for your design(s)

I’ve been reading and watching many kinds of fashionable designs in so many modern Japanese, French, Korean and Italian artworks. I  thought of seeing Toni in one of the most beautiful dresses from what I’ve seen in many artworks.

3. Share a little info about yourself: your aspirations, your occupation, etc.

I’m an artist who enjoys  drawing anime and manga style artworks.
I’m currently working on one of  my very own (Boys Love) webcomic.    www.leanonmebl.com
I even have a DeviantArt account.   http://yuna-bishie-lover.deviantart.com/
I hope to gain some support on my patreon https://www.patreon.com/Yuna_K  (and maybe a Kickstarter in the future) to be able to start making merchandises and sell my work at conventions.