Dress by Jeannette


These three designs are particularly special because Jeanette wasn’t able to submit them online. Determined to participate, she made color photo copies and mailed her designs in via snail mail. Although they didn’t reach us in time to be a part of online voting, we were so impressed with Jeanette’s efforts we wanted to share her story and dresses with you here. Karen called to get her permission and enjoyed a wonderful chat with a dedicated LUANN fan who starts every morning with coffee and comics:

I am submitting my designs to be considered for the Brad and Toni comic strip wedding dress design contest. I have sent this via snail mail dated before the deadline October 17, 2016. Please, please consider my entry for this contest. I’m not a phone or computer geek. After several attempts online failed, I’m submitting my entry by U.S. Mail.

I have read the Luann comics daily since Brad and Luann were babies, in elementary school, high school, and now young adults. This contest has me so excited to see the results regardless of who the winner might be. Naturally, I’d like that winner to be me. This has been a great idea for you and your readers. Thank you.