Dress by Jayno


Sometimes we have a calling but living life gets in the way. This designer has had the idea for this dress for quite some time:

jaynoI have a degree in art from PCC. I wanted to be an animator for Disney but got told in 1961 when I graduated from high school, “Forget it, they don’t hire women!” Which they didn’t back then. I have been doing comics and cartoons all my life. My dream was taken from me when I was 18. I never got my turn at bat in the cartoon industry. I like clothes designs that slant from one side or the other. I don’t like most of the clothes nowadays because they are really not appealing to me. I do paintings now, landscapes and portraits, but I have to be careful to not make them look like cartoons, because that’s what I was supposed to do. I did do a cartoon background for the cover of a book a few years ago but it has not come out yet. My great-grandfather was a portrait artist but couldn’t make a living at it so his started painting houses & barns and eventually opened up a paint shop and sent out teams of painters, back in the 1840’s. I became an accountant and then a black jack dealer. I’m now retired, except I’m an elementary school crossing guard part time. My dress design I’ve had for awhile, but I changed a few things for the contest. Thank you for letting me be in it.

~Jayno Whelan