Dress by Gabrielle

This very eye-catching design shouldn’t even be in the contest, because according to our exhaustive (and exhausting) Terms And Conditions, entrants must be residents of the U.S. This entrant, Gabrielle, lives in the U.K. She wrote:

“I took part with gusto but unfortunately didn’t read your very extensive rules for entry thoroughly enough, I am sadly living in the grey and glum UK and not in the fantastical USA, so it turns out that I should never have entered! I blame my over enthusiastic american pals who told me to enter.”

But Gabrielle’s design is so interesting, we thought it would be fun to hear more about it.

gabrielle-1My very good friends who live out in your GORGEOUS country of America are massive fans of your comic strip, and as soon as they saw the competition they emailed me and basically told me I HAD to enter – they thought that my designs would work perfectly for the bride. I was immediately smitten with the idea and started pulling out my digital fabrics and lace work.

My inspiration for bridal wear is always the romantic and elegant. I look for florals, lace and soft whimsical materials which I then weave into a design, but also depending on the bride can tone it down for a simpler palette. I love to work with different fabrics and patterns to create the finished look and so to use a virtual design for a virtual character was even more fun.

I’m a graphic designer by day, (www.stormdesignprint.com) but more interestingly by night I design gowns and lingerie for a virtual game called Second Life, whereby people log into Second Life with their avatars, visit my store, pick items they love and then pay me real money to clothe their virtual avatars. Nuts, right? 😉 I mostly concentrate on lingerie but I do love to design fancy shmancy evening wear and wedding gowns too (www.seldombluefashion.com). 

My other passions are my comical blog whereby I’m on the hunt for life after death (https://flickeringlightblog.wordpress.com) and more recently I’m working on a campaign for body confidence for women, whereby just this week I posed for a photoshoot in my undies for Facebook! (I told you you’d have to edit – way too much knicker talk in this email!)

Gabrielle submitted a total of 6 designs.  Here are her others:

gabrielle-2 gabrielle-3 gabrielle-4 gabrielle-5 gabrielle-6