Dress by Elizabeth


Many designers were encouraged to enter the contest by enthusiastic family members or friends. Elizabeth found time to tap into her creativity in the wee hours of the morning:
My name is Elizabeth Robinette Tyndall and the entry number of my wedding dress is #358. I live in Clayton, California and was motivated to enter the contest, because of my Mom. She reads the comics daily and knows how much I love to create, so she sent me the contest and that’s when I began working on a dress design. I didn’t know much about Toni, but that she was a pretty blonde character that was a fireman and was getting married, so I wanted to make the dress her style; fitted, elegant and feminine with a touch of glitter and glam. I couldn’t sleep one night, which is pretty common for me, so I found myself at 4 in the morning getting out my pens and paints and creating this design.

A little about myself: I love to create and especially love to paint. Right now I am a full time stay at home Mom of two kids ages 5 and almost 4, but when they are in school or have quiet times or nap times, I go to my paints and pens and I get to find my true passion: painting, drawing and doing anything creative! I’ve been painting for over 20 years and hope to one day become an illustrator. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest and practice doing something that I truly love.
Elizabeth Robinette Tyndall