Dress by Deborah


This designer had hoped to become a florist someday and her inclusion of embroidered firefighter emblems in a floral pattern and unique suggestion for Shannon’s flower girl “basket” showcase her creativity:

My name is Deborah Attwood, I live in San Diego, California, and I submitted design number 389.

I have always loved reading Luann. Greg Evans, and now assisted by his daughter, has a way with minimal words and expressive line drawings, to nail real life consistently. Remembering my own life growing up and raising a daughter myself, I can relate, times two, to Luann’s life. Brad and Toni’s story was also compelling, so given the chance to participate and exercise some creativity was nothing but fun!

deborahToni has always struck me as straightforward and no nonsense, so her dress needed to be striking, but not frilly or foo-foo. I had thought originally about something sleeveless, but then I remembered they are somewhere that gets snow, so I added simple goddess-style sleeves. They are both serious fire fighters, committed to the point of matching tattoos, so incorporating the rosette design of the fire fighters’ crest was an easy touch. Again, not being foo-foo, the embroidery should be in muted or pearl gold, not shiny. And finally, an asymmetrical “splash” of the rosettes seemed unexpected but natural.

As I was finishing the drawing, it struck me that a fire fighter’s helmet held by the chin strap would make a perfect basket for Shannon to carry flowers!

In high school, I wanted to become a florist, but family obligations rerouted my life’s journey. Today I am a bookkeeper, but try to make time for creatively challenging hobbies.

Thanks for the opportunity! This was definitely fun.