Dress by Carolyn


How fun that this designer’s father was the one who prompted her to enter Toni’s contest! Not only did she come up with this creation, she makes actual sewing patterns as a hobby:

Number 354; Carolyn Hoppe-Denend; Federal Way, WA
What motivated you to enter the contest?
My Dad, who is a long time reader of Luann Comics saw the contest. He took an interest in the contest and suggested I enter the contest. He is a retired architect and artist (pencil drawings). I am a sewist who enjoys designing and sewing fashion garments.

Tell a bit about the inspiration for your design(s)
Before starting a design, I read recent excerpts of the comic strip, and learned that Toni was a firefighter–someone who didn’t want an overly fancy wedding ensemble. I knew the wedding gown needed to reflect those values. The blue bridesmaids dress as shown in the comic strip helped direct the process. My thought was to create a bridal ensemble (2-piece outfit, skirt and top) while incorporating design elements from the bridesmaid dress, e.g., simple style, hip swag with white trim, light blue color, and V-neck. I envisioned the dirndl skirt to be made of 2 fabrics, chiffon as the top layer and lined with a lightweight satin. There is white lace trim on the hip swag on the skirt, with matching lace trim on the sleeves and neckline on the lined lace top (same trim as on bridesmaid dress). I pulled in the light blue with the colored blue waistband, blue heeled pumps and blue ribbon on the simple floral bouquet. I especially enjoyed the opportunity to draw “Toni” modeling my bridal design during her trip to the bridal store to say “Yes to the Dress”.

Share a little info about yourself: your aspirations, your occupation, etc.
I am currently designing a line of online pdf sewing patterns (Nylorac Creations). The first set of sewing patterns will consist of a bridal ensemble (skirt, top, jacket—different from Toni’s design I entered into the contest). I am a hobbyist with a love for fashion design and sewing. My occupation is Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling.
Thank you for the opportunity to enter the Bridal Outfit Design Contest for Toni and Brad’s upcoming December Wedding. I enjoyed the intrigue of the design, and entering the contest with many other like-minded enthusiasts.Carolyn Hoppe-Denend