Dress by Bonnie

With a background in illustration and creative writing, Bonnie was careful to consider details from Toni’s life such as the season of the wedding and Toni’s great grandmother when designing these three dresses:

1.) Dress Entry Numbers: 359, 360, 361.
Name: Bonnie Avery
Residency: Rye, New York

2.) I was looking for a way to get myself motivated to keep working on art. This contest seemed to be a good outlet after my family suggested I do it. I already enjoyed designing wedding dresses for fun because there’s something interesting about how varied the styles are.3.) The first source of inspiration was Toni herself. I noted she wore off-the-shoulder or V-neck shirts which were form-fitting, so I thought something simple that hugged her figure would be suitable for her rather than a poofy or overly-embellished dress. Design 359 is based on the fact the wedding will be in December, so the snowflake motif in the beading seemed to be appropriate. Design 360, the simplest out of the trio, is partially inspired by a comic featuring Toni’s great-grandmother’s ring, which had an Australian fire opal in the center, and I used the color for the clasp. Design 361 is also based on the winter theme for the wedding with the use of fur (don’t worry, it’s fake).

4.) Currently, I am a graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art with a major in Illustration and a minor in Creative Writing. My favorite subjects to illustrate include narrative scenes, portraiture, and science fiction, a genre that I both like to read and write short stories for as well. I have been spending my time seeking work in the art field as well as doing my own creative projects, which includes participating in Inktober. If you would like to see more of my artwork, feel free to visit my website,


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