Dress by Alicia


This delicately lovely gown by Alicia held the #1 position for several days. In the final hours of the voting, a close race emerged, with only a few votes separating this entry and the eventual winner. Alicia’s design came in 2nd by only 36 votes. We asked her to tell us a little about her design and herself. She wrote:
I found out about the contest from my mom, who encouraged me to enter the contest. I’ve always loved the Grace Kelly wedding dress and similar designs to that. I felt something like that would suit Toni best, as to me she is the perfect mix of girly and tomboy. I wanted to make it simple, but not too fancy! As for myself, I graduated last May with a BFA in animation and illustration, and I am hoping to get into one of those fields, since I’ve always loved drawing and designing. This contest was perfect for that since a lot of people got to see my design!!


Grace Kelly in the Helen Rose designed dress, 1956