Dating Dramas

Dating Dramakissing

Brad and Toni aren’t the only people who have experienced the ups and downs of dating!  We invited fans who have signed Brad & Toni’s guestbook to share some of their heartbreaking, hilarious, and horrendous Dating Dramas.

Tall Order

When I was in high school, everyone doted on the tallest guy there (he’s 6’5). I noticed him too, but I figured since he was so popular that he would never notice someone as nerdy as me. 5 years later I was working at McDonald’s during Summer break to help pay for college, and he got a job there too. We became friends and it turned out he was a nerd too! When I left for school out of state we confessed our feelings to each other and we have been together ever since.

I Married Smokey the Bear

After several unsatisfactory relationships had broken up I was about to give up. Then I was invited by some friends to a Christmas Party. At the door I was admitted by a couple of strangers, one of whom introduced the other as Smokey the Bear. Actually he was Director of California’s wildfire prevention organization. We had such a good time at the party, he asked me to go dancing. I accepted and found it was THAT NIGHT. I think it really was love at first sight. “Smokey” and I married a few months later.

The Joy of Youth

When I was 5 my family emigrated from England to Toronto, Canada. After a few months living with cousins we moved to a house. I was outside with my tricycle and a little boy from a few houses down came along to say hi. He heard my accent and started asking me to say certain words, laughing at my pronunciation. We became friends and in our teens started dating. We broke up for awhile, but got back together. It will be our 50th wedding anniversary next year. I long ago lost my English accent, but never lost David.

Stormy Start

Our first official date was during Hurricane Gloria. I was into photography and he took me out to Cape Ann (in Ma.) to where there is a lighthouse so I could take photos. The waves were breaking over his classic Dodge Charger as we were driving back to safer areas. As that car was his baby, and we were still together, I knew it must be Love.

Open Happiness

We Met on  She saw my picture and thought I had nice eyes. Trouble was it cost $25 to “meet” someone there at the time. She hemmed and hawed for some time and then one day after dropping her daughters off for a camp weekend she stopped to get a Coke and when she unscrewed the cap found that she had won $25! She took that as a sign and promptly contacted me. Our first date lasted until the wee hours and we have been together ever since. Best $25 she ever spent!

First Contact

My parents were introduced to each other by my aunt, and while they only had a brief meeting, my mom was the one to initiate contact. She started by learning it had been my dad’s birthday during their meeting, so she wrote him a birthday card, which he appreciated a lot. They kept in contact, and were married a few years later. They were married for 25 years, until my dad’s passing in 2010.

Foreign to Dating

I’d just gone to South Korea to teach English. I met other Ex-pats and one offered to take me to a Korean restaurant for lunch to share what he had learned about the cuisine. Then, the other English teachers from his school were going on a hike, and he invited me to come along. Afterwards we all went out for dinner. Then to a movie. I was so focused on making a network that I didn’t realize it was a date. Eventually I figured it out! We married 3 months later, and celebrate 20 years in January.

Prank You Very Much

I met my wife at a dance, she mentioned she drove a VW bug, I told her that we used to pick up a guy’s VW in school and move it. Upon walking her out to the parking lot, I went to pick up the back of her VW by the bumper. It was loose, I almost yanked it off. She was surprised, but not mad. Later, I went to where she was working, and asked her out. In spite of my prank, she agreed to go. We were married a year later, and have been for over 42 years.

Sink or Swim

On a first date, we went to a waterpark.  I was a former lifeguard and so I asked my date if she could swim. She said yes, and I said “Oh great! Let’s go to the deep part of the wave pool.” Almost as soon as the waves started she began drowning! I grabbed her and hauled her off to the shallow water immediately and asked, “What happened?! I thought you said you could swim?!” She said, “I can! I can dog paddle!” That was when I learned to ask if someone can swim WELL. Lol

Wrong Foot Start

My father picked my mother up on their first date & took her to a restaurant offering a free meal to anyone who could drink three fruity drinks & walk to the door without stumbling. He earned his free meal, and promptly handed the keys to my mother, who drove back to her apartment. My mother made coffee, only to find him asleep on the couch. The next morning, the ringing phone woke up my father, who answered & met his future mother-in-law, who was none too pleased that a man answered her daughter’s phone that early in the morning!

Love is Blind

I was being interviewed for a new position in my company. My new boss and I went to dinner and talked until the restaurant closed. The front door was locked so we tried to use the back door. The room was completely dark and he crashed into a table, knocking everything off. He looked at me and said “I forgot to tell you I’m completely night blind.”  I took his arm and haven’t let go. We’ve been married 23 years.

Setting the Bar

On my birthday, my boyfriend surprised me with tickets to Italy. Since we both have some Italian heritage, we’d been wanting to go for a while. It was a romantic and beautiful trip, especially since he proposed to me while we were there! Ever since then, we celebrate my birthday with a red, green and white cake and make sure to have spaghetti for dinner and pizza for lunch.


First Impressions 

My first date with my husband-to-be was a blind date. We’d been on the phone for business a number of times at different companies, but had never met. A mutual friend said he should ask me out (guess she was tired of hearing about my absent boyfriend). So when we met and I saw him, my first thought was “Oh, no, not another Italian!”  Well, we dated for three years, and have now been married for almost 45 years!

Second Chances…

He was a widower. We met and dated 11 months. It was the sweetest relationship ever but he wasn’t ready to “move on” and ended it. Six years later after searching, he found me. On our third date he expressed his love, said he was “ready for love and happiness” and wanted to marry me. I told him “I loved him then but not now”….. However our loving friendship continued, he was affectionate, very expressive and his love was sure! We married, have 6 children and 25 grandchildren. Life, love, and second chances are wonderful!!

Shakespeare In Love

Back in college, I was in a class that studied Shakespeare. The teacher was questioning us about a Midsummer Nights dream. After class, a guy came up to me and asked about something I’d said. We got to talking, and he asked me out on a lunch date. Soon, we were official, and now, 3 years later, we’re engaged! When he proposed to me he recited my favorite Shakespeare quote. The ring he gave me has the name of our favorite play engraved on the inside- Midsummer’s! ????????

Keep ‘er

On the way back to her place I took my date over to one of my garages to show her my antique car, antique motorcycle collection. I have 5 cars and 11 motorcycles. Yes, I can easily afford them. She liked the humpy fenders of my 1938 Pontiac and I thought to myself, this girl is a keeper. 41 years later she still likes our ’38 Pontiac.

Ask and You Shall Receive

I really wanted to ask this guy to officially be my boyfriend. I planned for several weeks: we would go dancing first, then we would get food, and I would ask him some time during our meal. We went dancing, then we got food, but I didn’t have the nerve to ask him so I asked him to come check out a rooftop with me. There, I asked him but instead of answering me, he got distracted by someone climbing a nearby rooftop. I was at a loss at how to proceed… but then he turned asked me instead!


Stolen Heart

On our first date his truck was stolen, he was two hours late and I had to drive! Best thing that ever happened. We’ve been married for 30 years this December.

Just Hold Me
One day my now husband called me on my office line. It had been a particularly hectic day. I put him on hold to take another call, then upon finishing that call, I left the office & went home, inadvertently leaving him on hold. He held for over 30 minutes 🙁  My co-workers laughed for days. He was very forgiving however 🙂

Take Two

My sister went to the bakery in my Dad’s VW station wagon to pick up our wedding cake. When we opened the elegant box, there was nothing but a pile of crumbs inside, as it had shimmied all apart in the flattened back seat– which is over the engine! My soon-to-be husband and I burst out laughing, while my sister raced back to the bakery and demanded another one. The baker had gone home, but came back to the shop and assembled a beautiful cake from multiple frozen, top layers…which thankfully thawed just in time to cut the cake at the reception!

What Goes Around, Comes Around

In 1960 I dated a young lady I met in a college Drama Club rehearsal.  I left NYC for grad school, but her mom nixed visits. We lost touch and married other people. In 2003, widowed, in CA, an email from her asked how I was; she was divorced and in NYC. After a bi-coastal romance, we married in 2005 (kids and grandkids attending). I have since moved to NYC.

Not So Cheery Cherry

I was sixteen and had spent the day picking cherries. On the way home I happily indulged eating a lot of my pickings. That evening I had a date with my then boyfriend. I spent most of our date finding restrooms to use. The moral of the story: cherries make great laxatives but not for date night.

Long Distance Love


I was in a long time long distance relationship with a British guy from Wales. Even though we were separated by an ocean, (Wales and Texas) we still managed to stay together for 12 years. We stayed in touch by emails, messenger, and flew back and forth to each others countries. We got engaged in 2010 but things were falling apart slowly by 2011. By 2014, it was officially over but time has healed my heart and I just have to get up and try again.


When my husband and I started dating, I was sick with a cold. He brought me orange juice, but accidentally spilled it all over my shoes. He was so mortified that I was just helpless from laughter!  We have been married for 1.5 years now.

Wicked Wish
My boyfriend took me to Little Tokyo in Los Angeles for the day. Towards the end of the day he said he wanted to Hollywood Blvd., which I resisted because there can be some strange people there.  We went anyway and parked by the Pantages Theater, which was showing the musical Wicked. I wanted to go so badly, but he said to wait so it’s not an impulse buy. We went to dinner and I kept whining about seeing Wicked.  We head back towards the Pantages to leave, and then my boyfriend tells me he had bought tickets to see Wicked for my Christmas present!

Beautiful Memories
Before we were official, my fiancé and I met up in the evening and sat in his car listening to music and talking the entire night. We fell asleep in the wee morning hours for a small amount of time, and woke up right before sunrise. We decided to hike up a hill in our local park and sat together to watch the sunrise before going our separate ways. It’s one of my favorite memories of all time.

Best Advice
We were both exchange students in Valencia, I from Mexico, he from Germany. We found each other and started dating. As we were at a carnival a little girl came to us and asked if we were in love and he answered: yes, something like that. Then she said he had to give me a red rose, that way I would always love him. After breaking up because things were getting serious and we still had to go back to our home countries, he came to my house, with a red rose in his hand. We are now married ????

Blind Joke

My first date with my husband was a blind date. We had never met in person before. So we decided on a meeting place and I asked him, “How will I know you?” He replied, “I’ll be the cute one!” He didn’t realize it at the time but his humor won him lots of good points. We’ve been married 17 years.

p.s. He is cute too.

Chat Room Romance

I accidentally met my husband on the internet. Back in 1994 there were no dating websites, only chat rooms. I had answered a request from a college student in D.C. for local news of home. Because I was new to sending messages it went out to everyone. My husband was a librarian working halfway across the country when he read my post to the college student. We were both recently divorced and he thought I sounded nice. We’ve now been married 22 years.

Cake Break

It was our wedding day.  The groom’s cake arrived but the main cake was missing!  Apparently the delivery truck got into a small accident, our cake cracked down the middle, and they were trying to repair it.  It was time to start the ceremony and my fiancé was freaking out almost to tears!  At the end of the ceremony, I walked my new wife into the main room and… there was the cake, all fixed.  Man, did she have that “what a relief” look we can laugh about now.

First Impression Interview

I was newly divorced, relocating to San Francisco, and went for job interview at hotel. The owner was busy but said a man in blue shirt would meet me in the lobby.  I met with him and learned later he had said I was the one he was going to marry. It took him two months to ask for a date but the rest is history: we got married at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas. Though he is 15 years younger than I am ( I am in my 80’s) we are still together after 38 years.  It’s been a wonderful life with a wonderful man.

The Man on the Motorcycle
When I was 11 years old, I had a MAD crush on a young man that was riding a motorcycle (he claims I was riding a tricycle).  I married him when I was 21 years old and we have remained married for 37 years, as of Nov. 3 2016.

Say What?

In 1960, shortly after graduating from high school, my aunt set me up on a blind date with George. It was fun dating him in the “Happy Days” era. After a year and a half of “going steady”, we were on the shore of a lake watching the sunset and talking. George was soft spoken and had a habit of mumbling when he spoke. He suddenly asked me something and I didn’t hear what he said, so I asked, “What?” Whereupon he exclaimed excitedly, “Oh! You’ve made me the happiest man alive!” That’s how we became engaged.