Volume 33 – Wedding Talks

Volume 33 – Wedding Talks

“It’s been pretty clear that Toni Daytona isn’t a “typical” …Read More

Behind-the-scene commentary from Greg Evans:
It’s been pretty clear that Toni Daytona isn’t a “typical” female (whatever that is). She’s into cars, blue humor and fighting raging fires. So it’s little surprise that planning her own wedding isn’t exactly a job she’s eager to do. In this collection, we begin to see the early signs of a possible future conflict: she wants small and simple, he wants big and lavish. It’s yet another way in which Brad and Toni are different. After the death of her parents, Toni’s life was unsettled and chaotic. Her need for stability and security is one of the things that drew her to Dirk. He may have been abusive, but he offered structure and protection.

It’s easy to imagine Toni’s life: her possessions, commitments and general life “stuff” are as minimal as she can make them.

Meanwhile, Brad’s grown up in a stable, normal family. His life’s been full of the typical clatter and clutter of a 4 person household. He’s used to accommodating others. Chaos and confusion doesn’t bother him.

So a giant wedding is a scary prospect to Toni. It’s a bottom pit of decisions, details and dilemmas. To Brad, it’s an exciting playground of opportunities and fun.