Volume 30 – Little Acts of Love

Volume 30 – Little Acts of Love

” Women and makeup. I’ve mined this rich topic in LUANN since… Read More

Behind-the-scene commentary from Greg Evans:
Women and makeup. I’ve mined this rich topic in LUANN since… well, since the first year. Here’s a strip from May, 1985, in which the word “makeup” is first used. Since then, I’ve gotten lots of mileage out of the weird and wonderful world of Stuff Women Use To Look Lovely.

I don’t know about other guys, but I’m both fascinated and repelled by makeup-wearing. I admire the skill and patience it requires to put on makeup but also feel relief that men aren’t expected to wear it. And any guy who thinks women are the weaker sex should try getting out of their warm bed an extra half hour early and paint around their eyes with pointy tools. And I won’t even go into the whole leg-shaving, hair-maintaining, mani-pedi stuff.

Have you ever seen a couple, either at store or on a TV awards show, where the unshaven guy in jeans, tee and ballcap is with a woman who clearly devoted hours to herself, from head to toe? Makes you wonder if women feel cheated.

It’s fun to write the stuff between Shannon and Brad. He’ll be a good dad someday because he’s direct. He doesn’t coddle or bargain or put up with. He knows when to inform and when to distract. He knows when to bend and when not to. Most important, I think, he knows how to be playful. And Shannon is pure child. Full of wonder, full of questions, full of answers and, mostly, full of herself.

Wow! Look at Dirk, all domestic with his baby sling, shopping cart and yoga wife!