39th Riddle

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39th Anniversary Riddle

March 17th is LUANN's anniversary!  To celebrate 39 years, Greg made this special Sunday riddle strip.

The picture puzzle for Sunday, March 17 signifies something… but what??  Below are the answers to what each image means.
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  • SAN KYU - Have you ever seen “39” in a text to mean “thank you?” The Japanese SAN KYU sounds like “thank you” but translates to three nine.


  • SURVIVOR - Fans of the show will know that the contest runs for 39 days.


  • THE HONEYMOONERS - This huge 1955-56 TV hit had only 39 original episodes.


  • ODD PICTURE - Abstract art? Piano keys? Steps? Hm…how many are there? 39. As in Hitchcock’s 1935 classic “The 39 Steps.”


  • JACK BENNY - The comedian famously cited his age as 39, right up to his passing at age 80.


  • PIE - This is San Francisco’s famous Pier 39


  • QUEEN - On the band’s fourth album, track 5 is the Brian May song “39.”


  • CAKE - Nine candles form XXXIX, 39 in Roman numerals.


  • US CONSTITUTION - Raise your hand if you can tell me how many signatures are on this document. Yes, Gunther? Correct! 39.


  • LUANN WITH ? - She’s trying to figure out one more mystery: If she was 13 when this strip debuted on March 17, 1985, exactly 39 years ago, then she should be 52 today. Yet she’s only 19. Weird.


 Oh, and the little framed signature that fell off the wall? That’s Greg, feeling deep gratitude for every reader who helped LUANN stick around for so long.

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