Meet the Gang

Meet the Gang

Like real life, the Luanniverse has a diverse set of characters that have evolved over time.  Some characters, like Brad, have changed dramatically, while others have outgrown the strip and new ones have been introduced.  When Greg and Karen write the script for the strip, Read More

Luann DeGroot
Leading Lady

A college sophomore and romantic dreamer who stumbles over her own self-doubts, Luann yearns to transform her life from “meh” to “WOW!!”

Bernice Halper
Brainy Best Friend

Luann's bestie.  An uptight overthinker, Bernice can be bitingly sarcastic and a bit predictable...except when she’s swept up by her bewilderingly carnal desires!

Frank and Nancy DeGroot

Luann and Brad are lucky to have good parents.   In a huge mid-life gamble, Frank and Nancy bought a shabby old warehouse and transformed it into “The Fuse,” a combo coffee house, diner, performance and meeting space. So far, so good.

Brad DeGroot & Toni Daytona
Married Firefighters

Brad is Luann’s older brother, Toni is his beautiful wife. Both are firefighters. Just as Brad is learning orderliness from her, she is learning spontaneity from him. Classic yin and yang.

Jonah and Shannon Daytona
Childish Behavior

Toni has found her anchor in Brad, but her brother Jonah is adrift, often leaving his spunky six year old daughter, Shannon with Brad and Toni while he pursues a career in acting...

Best Bud, Roomie
Sly, smooth, street-smart and shifty, TJ is a charmer with a mysterious history. He’s been Brad’s pal forever and he rents a house from Mr. and Mrs. DeGroot where he lives with Brad and Toni. TJ also invested in The Fuse, the DeGroot’s bold experiment in business. There, TJ owns and runs Kafe Kablooie where everyone hangs out. But TJ is an opportunist who’s not afraid to jump on the next Big Scheme, even if it means bending some rules. He can seem loyal and sincere, but with TJ you never know for sure.
Tiffany Farrell
Big Dreams, Bigger Ego
A gorgeous airhead with a plus-size figure and jumbo-size ego, Tiffany dreams of glamour, fame, and fortune. When Tiffany was a child, her mom vanished, leaving her to be raised by her distant, business-mogul dad. He finances Tiffany’s education at Moony - and her ritzy lifestyle - but he’s hit hard times, forcing Tiffany to re-structure her life. Worse, he's dating the evil and manipulative Ann Eiffel who seems bent on making Tiffany's life miserable.  As a former hot-shot high school cheerleader, Tiffany feels lonely and lost in the world of Academia. She dreams of being a Tycoon like her dad so that she can be independent of him. But as a student she struggles. Tiffany works as a server at Kafe Kablooie to make ends meet.
Dez (Desdemona)
Down-to-Earth Dormie
Dez is Bernice’s roomie at Moony. Dez’s wild and wonderful, creative and colorful lifestyle adds a splash of spice to Bernice’s staid life. With an exuberant zest for adventure and enlightenment, Dez lives on a spiritual plane of mystic thinking and weird teas.
Gunther Berger
Smart n' Sweet
A sweet, nerdy guy with a big brain and small social skills, Gunther stumbles through life with a head full of knowledge and a personality full of quirks (he’s into magic and sewing). He’s a true friend to all because he’s a good listener with a big heart. Gunther goes to Moony, where he excels in engineering. His mom married Mr. Gray, so he now reluctantly lives in their guest house with Les Knox, who used to bully him in high school. The big focus in Gunther’s life right now is his girlfriend, Bets.
Leslie (Les) Knox
Bully Trying to Be Good
In high school, Les was an obnoxious bully, shoving, hitting and threatening anyone he felt he could overpower. As an adult, he is sulky, suspicious, sneaky, but also sometimes sweet.  He sees the world as always being against him - he never gets a break. So he has to take what he wants, hurting others if need be. None of this is surprising because Les is Ann Eiffel’s estranged son. Les hates her for abandoning him to be raised in foster care and by Mr. Gray, her brother. Now, Les rooms with Gunther and works at Kafe Kablooie.
Irma and Mr. Gray
Odd Couple
Irma is Gunther’s overbearing, overprotective mother. She raised him as a single mom and made him the man (?) he is today. She’s a happy, optimistic, kind-hearted woman and a awesome cook. She’s also an open book, unlike her new hubby, Mr. Gray. He's an odd little man who popped out of nowhere yet seems to have connections everywhere. He's nice enough but it’s hard to tell what his feelings and thoughts are. He rarely speaks, hardly changes expressions, never wears anything but a gray suit. Is he a shady businessman? Con artist? Inscrutable Mr. Gray isn’t revealing anything. He is Ann Eiffel’s brother and uncle to Leslie Knox.
Ann Eiffel
Devious Diva
Ann Eiffel is probably the most evil, scheming, cold-hearted character ever to appear in LUANN. She first showed up in 2002 as manager of Borderline books where she gave grief to her new employee, Bernice. Over the years she’s conned, annoyed and alienated herself from most everyone - except for Tiffany’s dad. He adores Ann and they live together. But Ann Eiffel cares about only one person: Ann Eiffel. She’s Mr. Gray’s sister - and Leslie Knox’s estranged mom.
Tara Starr
Risk Taker
Her motto: “I go where I want, do what I want, AM what I want.” Tara is fearless. At the wheel of her Jeep, she drives restlessly through life, seeking the next Extreme Adventure! She loves the outdoors, archery, parties and mischief. She thinks Luann is far too “safe” and pressures her to cut loose. A couple years ago, she got in trouble at Moony Uni. and now goes to the Jr. college with Luann, Jack and Nil, sharing lab and art classes. But her focus isn’t on school. It’s on the beautiful day just outside the window...
Socially Connected
Bets attends Moony Uni., majors in business, loves cosplay and has an overbite. What a perfect match for Gunther! The two of them spend lots of time going to fan-cons and sci-fi films. But Bets also loves social media and spends a little too much time living there, afraid she’ll miss something. She’s outgoing, gutsy and honest, but she seems to need lots of affirmation.
Stefani Bird
Chipper Irritant

A former Miss Yam Queen, Stef loves college!  She rooms with Bets, Dez, and Tiffany and plans to find her hubby, then move home and have 2.5 children!

Jack and Nil
College Pals
Jack and Nil are another odd pair - why are Mr. Atlas and Mr. Spook pals? Yet, they are. Jack’s a good-natured guy who loves women. Despite his biceps, he’s a gentleman; not judgmental, pushy or lecherous. He loves animals, especially dogs, and he and Luann spend quality time together at the dog park, enjoying their honestly platonic relationship. Nil’s too busy with his stop-motions films and odd art projects to have time for something as frivolous and phony as dating. Although he does find Bernice moderately intriguing…
Ox (Oxford)
Lovable Lug
Everything about Ox is big: size, personality, smile, heart. A lovable lug, Ox is a champion of The Little Guy; his mission is to rid the world of bullies. Ox works as a server at Kafe Kablooie.

How Do New Characters Get Named?
When Greg and Karen write the script for the strip, they use the first letter of the character’s first name to indicate who’s speaking. When naming a new character, the aim is to use letters that aren’t already in use just to avoid confusion.

The intent is good but the execution is spotty. There are many names with the same first letter: Les/Luann. Brad/Bernice. Piro/Pru. Jack/Jonah. Tara/Tiffany/Toni!

Going through the alphabet, it’s surprising how many letters are taken:

Axel, Bernice, Crystal, Dez, Eiffel, Frank, Gunther, Hair, Jonah, Knute, Luann, Manazon, Nancy, Ox, Pru, Quill, Rosa, Shannon, Toni, Viper, Zebo.

Only i, u, w, x and y are available. So the next new character will be named Ignatz W. Yakov.

Or not.