Dress by Tari


Like Toni, dress designer Tari sounds like a strong, non-traditional woman herself!  She chose to go with a bold blue color to represent the colors of Toni’s dress-uniform as a firefighter:

Entry 248
tariI’ve followed Luann in the comics for many years, so the idea of re-kindling my creative side and possibly seeing the result in the Sunday paper was irresistible.
My inspiration came from the strong, non-traditional role model that Toni’s work as a Fire Fighter represents for young women. Rather than the traditional white gown, I chose the colors of her dress-uniform. As a basis for the design, the classic formal, but feminine long gown.
I was a cheerleader in H.S. and college (GO! Gators!) before entering the business world working with start-up companies in finance and operations. After a mid-career transition to consulting that spanned two decades, I took a 180 turn, got certified as a personal trainer, and now own a gym in a “near perfect” community in the SF Bay area. My aspiration at this stage in life is to ‘give-back’ to help other women in business.