Dress by Rachel


Voters chose this dress as their #5 fave overall. Rachel is one of the entrants who submitted several drawings. Here, we show the one that got the most votes. This young lady speaks 4 languages! And she lists “sleeping” as one of her hobbies – she has a future as a cartoonist! Here’s her story:

My name is Rachel Williamson and I live in Madison, Alabama.My motivation to enter the contest was to see how high I could place and how well I could do.
I can’t really say I had any inspiration. I simply sat down to design a wedding dress for Toni and these designs popped into my head. I tried to keep certain factors such as her style and wedding season in mind while I drew.My hobbies include writing, drawing, reading, binge watching TV or Anime, and sleeping. I like to believe my imagination and blatant uniqueness are my best qualities. I can speak Japanese, Latin, German, and Southern, but not fluently. I would love to become an author when I am older. I will be the youngest person in my school to finish High School!