Dress by Philip


If you want to know who’s behind the winning dress, here’s the scoop! Philip Gust and his wife are hobbyist costumers and he edits The Virtual Costumer. Here’s his full account of how he came up with Toni’s wedding dress:

1. What motivated you to enter?

I’ve been a fan of Greg and the Luann comic strip for many years. Being an incurable romantic, the Brad & Toni story arc really struck a chord with me. I felt a special connection to Toni and the kind of wedding dress she’d like to have. Although I’ve never designed women’s clothing, I wanted to give her this as a wedding present.

2. Tell us a little about the inspiration for your design.

Toni is both traditional and adventurous, and she has a marvelous figure, so I went with a fish tail design that hugs her curves but flairs out dramatically at mid-thigh and gives her very feminine swish as she walks. The simple fabric belt emphasizes her waist without breaking the line of the dress. The ribbons instead of a traditional veil plays to her adventurous side. The matching ribbons, bouquet and corsage subtly draw the eye to her face, waist, and hips.

3. Tell us something interesting about yourself – occupation, aspirations, etc.

I’m a computer scientist by training, but my wife and I are hobbyist costumers and enjoy creating and wearing both sci-fi/fantasy and historical costumes. I also edit The Virtual Costumer, a quarterly online costuming magazine, published by a chapter of the International Costumers’ Guild. Most costumers recreate existing designs from movies, TV, or history, so the chance to do an original design was very exciting and a little intimidating. My first reaction to Greg’s interpretation was pretty much like Brad’s: WOW!